Adrian Cunningham LLB ACA

The Accountant that gives a hoot about your hard earned loot!


The services offered are designed to help my clients improve their business or personal finances by first building a one to one relationship and then tailoring the service offer to meet those specific needs, for no two clients ever have identical requirements. Only by understanding our clients’ businesses can I provide the reliable support that my clients require.

Accountancy & Bookkeeping

In my experience entrepreneurs like to concentrate their efforts on delivering the services or products that they set up the business for. Often, administration and record keeping becomes an irritating additional burden that distracts from the main objectives


Recent developments have seen business taxes and especially Corporation Tax become an increasing burden on business nationwide. Stringent reporting requirements and the powerful investigation powers enjoyed by HM Revenue & Customs increase the demands on companies with severe penalties for errors.


Small businesses employ the bulk of people in the UK yet few small companies can afford to run a Human Resources function or expert payroll staff to ensure compliance with the increasingly onerous demands of employment taxes. This can be a true minefield for the unwary with severe penalties for non-compliance and errors.

Business Start Ups

It is always a daunting task for anyone starting a new business to find out quickly and easily how best to go about it. One of the questions I am most frequently asked is “Should I start up a limited company?” the answer to which question is almost always, “it depends”. Whichever vehicle is appropriate for your requirements I can help, providing advice and assistance to get you started soundly and safely.

Founded in 1987

Chartered Accountants

I run a small, but cost effective, Chartered Accountants Practice dedicated to helping small businesses, their owners and managers to succeed. Founded in 1987 initially as a part time practice, I offer practical advice and assistance to entrepreneurs and managers looking to make a success in business. Since 2007 I have operated full time to achieve these objectives, drawing on my experience and expertise.

Chartered Accountants are at the forefront of accounting developments and are constantly updating their knowledge and experience.


Due to having the experience of actually managing a variety of businesses I have the ability to review your financial operations and provide you with a range of services which are designed to improve your business performance to keep you in front of your competitors and allow you to concentrate on what you do best.

Business reviews of the current trading and financial position

Profit and Cashflow reporting and forecasting

Financial Modelling

Interim Management

Financial Planning, budgeting and forecasting

Profitability costing by product, customer etc

Cost Control

Project Management

Monitoring and measuring performance against business plans

Management and systems review and analysis


Investment Evaluation

30 years of  experience

Business Management

My approach is to offer a personal one to one business relationship with my clients and to always be available to offer advice when it is required. My success is reflected in the high number of personal referrals that I receive. As a small practice I am able to keep overheads to a minimum, which is reflected in fees which are most competitive.
My highest hourly rate is probably no more than you would pay to have your car serviced. I am happy to quote examples of fees dependent on your requirements so call me to find out more. Initial consultations are always free.