Adrian is a diligent and very knowledgeable professional. I engaged his services to provide support to a large site and improve its control of RTP. Adrian provided a first class service, providing considerable cost savings and dramatically improving the control systems that were in place.

Adrian also used his considerable experience to provide training and implementation of the new control systems within the factory. The systems he put in place were very robust and easy to follow, allowing the personnel concerned to use these systems to best effect.

Adrian also provided invaluable advice on numerous occasions which again allowed us to considerably reduce the costs incurred using RTP.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Adrian to any business and it would be a pleasure to work with him again.

Colin McKen

Systems and Planning Manager at Yorkshire Premier Meat

Adrian is an expert on returnable packaging and systems . I employed him to investigate and solve the mystery of disappearing RTP crates and pallets and through his meticulous investigations we finally identified system weaknesses and implemented improvements which resolved the issues.
He completed a thorough investigation and delivered a solution within budget and on time.
I could certainly recommend Adrian to any business with RTP or other issues needing investigation.

Kirk S Johnston

Chartered Accountant and Finance Director

After I left Grampian Country Foods and set up my own consultancy, Adrian has advised me on accounting and taxation matters ever since. He has also recently assisted my son and I in setting up a new business which is starting to perform very successfully.

As a result of these experiences I have absolutely no concerns over Adrian’s professional capabilities, honesty or integrity.  As far as I am aware Adrian has always demonstrated an excellent command of both technical and financial matters, and is always ready to advise when questions arise.

Adrian has advised on our growth strategy for the new business and advocates a sensible approach based on sustainability. He also advised a client of mine, on my recommendation, on methodologies to contain returnable transit packaging costs that were becoming too high.

Adrian has a fine track record of achieving deadlines and has never missed any as far as we are concerned.

Adrian has considerable business experience and uses that well to achieve strategic forecasts and plans. He is always open to new ideas and quick to understand problems and suggest possible solutions.

Adrian is an excellent and effective communicator at all levels of a business, whether it be at board level, in negotiating with suppliers, or in dealing with shop floor staff. He has good presentational skills, and is highly competent in both oral and written media. He is able to convey his message effectively at whatever level is required and can simplify complex matters so that can be understood by people who are not experts.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Adrian to you and trust that you will enjoy a profitable relationship with him, should you choose to work with him.

David Broxton

Red Rose Food Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.